Injection Extrusion

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Product Description

Plastic factory consists of:

  • Injection department.
  • Extrusion department.
  • Productions areas treated as clean rooms.
  • MME has 14 injection machines varying from 75 ton up to 180 ton with automatic feeding systems of the plastic materials.
  • (Seven machines from Engels and seven machines from Battlefield).
  • Production capacity of these machines 150 ton I month I Production capacity of the extrusion line 1.5 ton/day.
  • We can inject many type of materials (polycarbonate, HOPE, LOPE, PP, ABS, PVC, PS, PA, etc.).
  • Capability to put mold up to 2 tons in injection machines.
  • Quick systems for changing the molds designing and constructing injection molds according to the customer requirements.
  • Production for all tube sizes of the bloodlines.
  • Specific mold maintenance workshop to serve our molds.


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