Fistula Needles

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Product Description

  • Fine and ultra-sharp needle tip for puncture with minimum pain to assure patient comfort.
  • Both arterial and venous needles are provided with back eyes to assure maximum blood flow with minimum vessel trauma.
  • Rotating wings to provide an easy puncture and assure nursing comfort, also available fixed types.
  • Color-coded wings to distinguish different needle gauge sizes.
  • Color-coded clamps (are available) to distinguish between arterial and venous needles.
  • Most advanced silicon coating to prevent blood coagulation and easy painless introduction.
  • Tight clamps to secure an absolute termination of blood flow.
  • Integrated safety needle protector (if required) to avoid needle stick injuries and to reduce infection risks.
  • PVC tubing produced of virgin medical PVC granules secure proper human biocompatibility.
  • Available in both single package and twin package.
  • Available in sizes: 15G, 16G, 17G.
  • Sterilized with EO gas or GAMMA sterilization.


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