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Product Description

  • High performance, superior clearance, excellent solutes removal and u reduction rates.
  • Maximized high efficiency treatment.
  • Approved biocompatibility.
  • Most advanced membrane types supplied from one of the worldwide biggest membrane manufacturer.
  • Materials and components provided from reliable suppliers to assure best quality.
  • All production steps are taking place in high standard clean room applying strict control for all environmental parameters in accordance to the most recent international standards.
  • Laser technique use for sealing fiber and for printing label.
  • Different membrane types (Pure ma, Pure ma LX and Synphan) and various performances (High and Low Flux) to meet all patients requirements.
  • Wide range of different surface areas (from 0.7 m² up to 2.6 m²) to offer wide availability to tailor the treatment on the patient’s needs.
  • Available in all types of packaging as folded plastic package and sealed paper to plastic package.
  • Sterilized with EO gas, Steam or Gamma sterilization.


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