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  • Medica Middle East is licensed as a Privet Free Zone Entity to facilitate its importing and exporting activities.
  • Huge facility constructed on 8000 m² with an extension for another 8000 m² dedicated for future expansionary plans.
  • Two classified clean rooms, one for dialyzers manufacture and the other for bloodlines and fistula needles production.
  • Injection Area includes 14 injection machines to produce components required in dialyzers, bloodlines and fistula needles production.
  • Extrusion Area includes one extruder (upgradable to includes two more extruders) to produce tubes required in bloodlines and fistula needles production.
  • Sterilization Areas includes four sterilizers, two for EO gas sterilization and two other for Steam sterilization.
  • Aeration and Degassing Area where EO degassing stage takes place to reduce the Ethylene Oxide residual down to the standard accepted limits.
  • Quality Labs that includes the most advanced and developed equipment and instruments separated in biological, chemical and physical labs.
  • Stores that designed and arranged to contain both raw materials and finished products in properly specified storage conditions.
  • High production capacity that can introduce more than 4 Million dialyzers, 4 Million sets of arterial and venous bloodlines and 7 Million pair of fistula needles per year. Such productivity can be.
  • increased to be 5 Million dialyzers, 5 Million sets of arterial and venous blood lines and 8 Million pair of fistula needles per year only by applying 2 extended production shifts. Moreover, Medica Middle East also have the capability to enlarge its productivity by running 24/7 production.

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